Santhwanam Ayurvedic and Chiropractic Center, is founded in 2000. Santhwanam is a combination of traditional Kerala Ayurvedic and chiropractic treatment to cure blockages and dysfunctions of the spine, joints and extremities as part of the pain therapy without any medicine.

This invaluable combination was founded by Mr.Raveendra Kurup (Ex-soldier) who started practicing it from 1996. Raveendra Kuruppu (Born in 1951and died on 31.10.2019) joined the Indian Army in 1969 and completed 24 years of service and retired as Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in Jan 1993. While in army career he met his chiropractic guru in Leh Ladakh and from him he adopted his healing practice. He had already had sufficient knowledge on traditional Ayurveda treatment and he supplemented this knowledge with chiropractic and evolved his own new form

after his retirement,and thus began professionally his treatment. His intension was not just to cure the illness, but beyond that, he wanted to create a mental relation with his patients and thus handle their mental stress. Mr. Kurup had one and only one experiential heritage disciple, named Mr. T G Mohanan. Mr. Mohanan is a retired Principal and he was practicing the treatment with Mr Kurup since 1997. Because of his passion for it he chooses this profession seriously. In 2000 Mr. Mohanan founded the Santhwanam Ayurvedic and Chiropractic Center.


Diagnosis is one of our peculiar features. At the first stage itself, you can understand the magical power of the hand. Here the analysis of the blockage, dysfunctions, illness and pain can be identified by our hands from the whole body. Then the patients are being given an awareness about their illness.

Treatment without Medicine

The methods of our treatment is unique and the highlight is healing without medication. As a part of pain therapy, the blockages and dysfunctions of the spine, joints and extremities can be eradicated. We focus on the effects of complaints and treatment on the entire musculoskeletal system.

T G Mohanan

T G Mohanan started his career as a teacher in1978 and retired as principal from Govt. HSS Peringassery on 31 March 2007. Along with his teaching he started his treatment practice since 1997. Mr. TGM founded the Santhwanam Ayurvedic and Chiropractic center in 2000. As part of his treatment experiment he has discovered the solution for visual disabilities, loss of sound, gas trouble, writer’s cramp, tennis elbow,etc. Besides this treatment he has been certified in Pranic healing and Raiki.

TGM Founder and Therapist